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Bring sunshine into your life – and to everyone around you – with the spectacularly charming Monterey electric scooter. It brings the classic styling of Honda’s iconic Super Cub but reinvented with a thoroughly modern electric powerplant to silently thrust you along to your next errand. Big smiles come at no extra charge!


CSC enhances the Super Cub design with an electric powerplant so you’ll never have to stop for gas again. An electric motor supplies 2400-watts of power to scoot you from one errand to another at up to 30 mph, perfect for urban and suburban use. A 60-volt lithium battery is the rechargeable fuel supply, and it was thoughtfully designed to be removable so it can be charged anywhere.


When it comes to ease of use, the Monterey couldn’t be any better. There is no clutch to operate and no gears to shift - it’s as easy to ride as a bicycle except no pedaling! At just 181 pounds, the Monterey is less than half the weight of traditional motorcycles. Large-diameter wheels and front and rear hydraulic suspension ably absorb potholes and speed bumps.


The classic step-through design works just as well in 2021 as it did in 1961, providing easy access for riders of all sizes. The Monterey’s open layout provides comfortable upright ergonomics that are enhanced by floorboard-style footrests that accommodate various foot positions and leg lengths. An accessible seat height of 30 inches helps vertically challenged riders get their feet down when stopped, while a separate passenger saddle provides a comfy perch for smiling co-riders.


While cast switch housings on the handlebar and a stylish chrome front fender lip speak to 1960s character, a host of modern conveniences ensure the Monterey isn’t all retro. The headlight looks pleasingly retro yet has modern LED lighting elements, including the taillight and turnsignals. A USB charging port in the front accessory bin enables your smartphone to be fully charged when you pop into the neighborhood store. The Monterey also has lockable storage under the seat, and the passenger seat can be replaced with a rear rack or basket.  




MotorDC brushless
Max. Power2.4 kilowatts (kW)
Max Torque120N.m / 88ft/lb
Nominal Power1500 watts (1.5kW)
Max. Speed30 mph
Climbing Ability10° uphill slope
Battery TypeLithium
Battery Capacity60 volts / 26 amp-hours (Ah)
Battery Weight22 lbs
Input Voltage110V-220V, 3-stage charger
Range*Between 20 and 60 miles
Dimensions74.4 x 26.8 x 40.2 inches
Brakes (F/R)Drum/drum
Tires70/90-17F, 80/90-17R
Seat Height30 inches
Wheelbase48.6 inches
Ground Clearance5.5 inches 
Curb Weight 181 pounds
Max. Capacity331 pounds
Warranty One year

CSC Monterey Electric Scooter - Yellow

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