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The Ventura DLX 3-Wheel is a versatile scooter that is great looking and packed with standard features. The 3-wheel Ventura DLX has 10" tires for great outdoor performance, yet the turning radius of just 53" maintains good maneuverability in smaller spaces, too. Interchangeable panels in red and blue are included so you can change the color of your scooter whenever you wish.


What Makes It Different


The Ventura DLX offers an array of flexible features such as the sliding Captain's seat which slides forward and backward the way that an automobile seat does. The comfortable seat is 20" width and swivels for easy access. Padded armrests can be flipped up or removed completely. The controls are ergonomically designed for riders who may have limited strength or dexterity while still maintaining a sleek and sporty appearance. The Ventura DLX comes with a complete lighting package which includes a headlight, front and rear turn signals and rear parking lights.   


Why We Like It


Powerful 33 AH batteries provide up to 16 miles on an overnight charge for longer ride time. We also like the added security that comes with two rear-view mirrors and rear anti-tip wheels.  This heavy-duty scooter is perfect for user looking for a roomier ride and higher weight capacity without losing drive range.

Drive Ventura DLX 3-Wheel

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