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The Segway E110a Smart eMoped brings a new level of convenience to the daily commute. With a top speed of 30mph, ample storage space, and multiple anti-theft and safety features, you'll be able to focus on your destination while still enjoying the journey.


  • Max Speed: 30mph
  • Typical Range: Approx 35 miles 
  • Max Incline: 11 degrees / 19% 
  • Seat Storage Space: 27 L
  • Max Torque: 88 Nm
  • Motor Peak Power: 1500W
  • Motor Rated Power: 1000W
  • Charging Time: Approx 5 hours
  • Brake System (Front): Hydraulic Disc Brake 220mm-4mm
  • Brake System (Rear): Hydraulic Disc Brake 180mm-3.5mm
  • Regenerative Anti-Lock Braking for Electric Motorcycles (EABS)


Style and Simplicity In Motion


Your daily commute has never been more relaxing. This eco-friendly scooter provides room for two, ultimate storage space and an expansive set of smart features to make every ride as smooth as can be.


Get Smart With The RideyGO! Intelligent System


The Segway eScooter E110A features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which enables new functions such as the Airlock System, Parking Sensor and Smart Seat Detection. The RideyGo will save you precious time! No need to search your keys or even take out your smartphone* from your pocket because the eScooter locks and unlocks automatically when you are within 2-10 meters due to the Airlock System. Thanks to the two sensors on the parking stand and the seat, you can just get on the eScooter and RideyGo!


Anti-theft triggered by AHRS


Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), your eScooter is protected against theft.

The integrated 4G-enabled SIM and GPS can track the eScooter’s location at any time. In addition, the Segway eScooter’s smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications directly to your smartphone within seconds. Finally, once your eScooter is locked with a battery inside, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving, or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system.


Smart Matrix LED Headlight


As dynamic as its performance, the LED headlight is designed with a unique matrix structure and a full front horizontal display to produce a wider beam of light and illuminate your path ahead.

The headlight delivers a premium experience while following the brand’s mission of always building smarter and more energy-efficient products.


Benefit from the Smart Battery Management System (BMS)


The Segway eScooter has the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 which ensures a longer battery life and offers multiple smart functions.

Thanks to the BMS 6.0, your eScooter requires less maintenance. Not only will it monitor the amount of power, control the charging speed and adjust your real-time information when the battery is draining, but it will also prevent and protect the battery from over/undercharging.


Smart UX Dashboard


The intuitive digital and coloured dashboard provides all the necessary information to the driver at a glance: speed, battery level, various signs (turning lights, error code, READY sign etc.), riding mode, Bluetooth connectivity and much more.In addition, the LED lights at both ends of the screen change colour depending on the status of the eScooter:

– Orange: the parking stand is not retracted or there is no rider on the seat

– Blue: you are ready to go!

– Red: warning or error

– Green: ongoing energy recovery (EBS)

Segway eMoped E110a Red

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