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Look up “pure comfort” in the dictionary. You’ll find a photo of the EB10 step-through cruiser electric bike from SWAGTRON®. At least, that’s exactly how you’ll feel after riding this e-powered bicycle, with its quality hardware (steel frame, 250-watt motor, removeable battery) and considerate design choices (low step-through frame, coil-sprung cushion seat). The EB10 is sure to bring the e-bike experience to a wide range of riders. Are you ready to fall in love with riding a bike all over again?


Experience a truly easy-breezy adventure when you hop on and ride the EB10 electric cruiser bike. Thanks to its upright design, you’ll cruise with a more natural, relaxed posture. That means minimal stress on your shoulders, neck and lower back. The wide, swept-back bars feature a slight upward pitch that helps keep your wrists in a natural, comfortable position even on long rides. And with the soft, cushioned, coil-sprung saddle, riding around the city on the EB10 is bliss.


We believe in mobility for everyone. And that belief steers our approach to e-rideable design. To that end, we made sure to deliver vintage beach-style cruiser eBike that goes all-in on comfort. Its step-through frame has a low, 21-inch pass-through makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. The EB10 makes a great women’s electric bike, but even riders with mobility limitations or concerns will appreciate the ease of the step-through frame. Bike riding, after all, should be comfortable for everyone.


There’s no doubt that we focused on comfort with the EB10. But that doesn’t mean the bike is a slouch in the power department. The EB10 cruiser eBike has plenty to spare. Its electrical system is in perfect balance, calibrated to maximize the output between the high-efficiency battery and the robust 250-watt motor. The results are a city road bike that’s able to do more with what it’s got.

On throttle alone, you can cruise as fast as 16 mph for up to 28 miles on a single charge. Conquer 25-degree hills like a superhero. Need to go faster, farther, higher? Activate pedal-assist for that extra push when you need it, or when you simply want to ease into the ride.


A quick-shift Shimano 7-Speed SIS gear system gives you the ultimate control to make your riding experience as challenging — or as comfortable — as you want. Find the right gear to overcome those difficult hills or steep, 25-degree inclines. Go easy on your knees or give your quads a workout. With Shimano, you have the true riding versatility that you need for a truly joyful ride.


Three riding modes let you perfectly adjust the ride to your liking: pedal-only, throttle-only or pedal-to-go. With pedal-activated assistance, you can feel superhuman again. Effortlessly cruise down the street or around the neighborhood and let the EB10 deliver that extra ‘oomph’ you need to finish errands or commute to campus. Whether you want to pedal to your destination or let the motor do all the work — or a little bit of both — the EB10 gives you more than options. It delivers solutions.


We’ve built the EB10 using high-grade steel for the frame and front fork to maximize durability and for the compliant ride quality steel is known for. The handlebars, rims and braking hardware are made from aerospace-grade 6061 tempered aluminum. This electric city bike is precisely engineered to be lightweight while maintaining high standards of durability, able to support riding capacity up to 264.5 pounds.


The EB10 rides on 26-inch wheels wrapped with nimble 2.125-inch cruiser-style tires that are agile with just enough extra width to provide solid grip and shock absorption when riding. Together, they deliver better handling on road conditions that traditional road tires might struggle with. And it’s all built around a relaxed design, perfectly suited for exploring the suburbs, cruising the beach-side boardwalk and commuting around campus.


The Li-ion battery charges quickly, in just five hours. So you won’t be tethered to a power outlet all day. And the EB10’s battery is removable, so you can always have an extra battery** on-hand, charged and ready to go, when you need it. Swap out the old battery with the new, fresh one without having to wait for a charge. The compact, lightweight battery pack fits in most messenger bags and backpacks with room to spare.


The swappable battery gives riders plenty added convenience. Secure your EB10 in a bike rack, unlock the key-secured battery compartment and remove the battery. Then you can charge the battery next to you in class or at your desk — even in a coffee shop.


The EB10 pedal-to-go eBike comes with a digital LCD odometer and battery display, bell, front and rear fender, and adjustable seat. With its IPX4 rating, the battery and motor are splash- and weather-resistant. The battery mount also pulls double duty as a cargo rack for increased utility.

The EB10 electric cruiser bike comes mostly assembled. But we made sure to make finishing the job as quick and painless as possible. Visit our online Help Hub for a step-by-step video walk-through for unboxing and assembling your EB10. You’ll be up and running in no time!


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