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Take the road less traveled with the SWAGTRON EB12. Our classically designed electric road bike is a smart city commuter powered for the 21st century. This modern full-sized eBike (53cm frame) delivers the simple versatility of a traditional 700c bicycle and amps it up with a robust, 250-watt motor. The EB12 electric commuter bike has a 7-speed Shimano gear system and removable 36-volt battery that can power through up to 28 miles on a single charge without pedaling.


Solidly Constructed

We built the EB12 using high-grade 6061-series aluminum for the frame and rims. It’s extremely strong and rust-resistant — engineered to be lightweight while maintaining high standards of durability. The fork is reinforced with steel for added resilience and a compliant ride. With an IPX4 rating, the EB12’s battery and motor are splash- and weather-resistant. The battery mount also does double-duty as a cargo rack for increased utility.


Simple, Classic and Streamlined

The EB12 may look “no frills,” but its simple design is streamlined for maximum efficiency. We opted for a flat bar for a more comfortable and relaxed upright riding position. This upright position reduces strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders. The rigid frame lets you push the ride harder, “feel the road” and put all the power to the pavement for a truly satisfying riding experience.


Power to Go

With a 250-watt motor, the EB12 can reach top speeds of 16 mph and cruise up to 28 miles on a single charge using the motor only. Need to go faster and farther? The EB12 can be ridden like a traditional bike without limits. The efficient 36-volt 7.5Ah Li-ion battery is fully charged in just under four hours. The battery is removable, which lets you take an extra EB12 battery (sold separately) with you for extended commutes or swap it out without having to wait for a charge.


Full-Throttle or Pedal Assist

Three riding modes let you customize the riding experience: pedal-only, throttle-only or pedal assist. Pedal-activated assistance adds extra power when you need to go that extra mile or up daunting hills. Whether you want to pedal to your destination or let the motor do all the work, you’ll have options with the EB12.


Your Commute on Display

Keep track of your speed and mileage with the LCD back-lit display, easily viewable even under direct sunlight. Monitor battery levels and easily switch speed modes.

Swagtron EB12 Electric City eBike

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